J.S.C. “Hidroinpex”



Specializes in manufacturing of hydraulic engines and electric control panels, as well as of spare parts of agricultural machinery and of a broad range of plastic and metal consumer goods. There is serial manufacturing of various sizes of orbital rotor hydraulic motors used in agricultural, wood-processing and road machines, in oil-processing plants and machine-tool industry. The enterprise is constantly carrying out experiments on manufacturing of various hydraulic machines and is able to produce customized hydraulic engines.

J.S.C. Viorica-Cosmetic



For over 28 years, the company has been producing high quality cosmetic and perfumery products using natural ingredients with a unique effect, such as consumers demand. The strategy of the company is oriented towards observing the optimal correlation between PRICE and QUALITY, creating optimal working conditions for the employees, equipping the working place with all the necessary for the proper functioning of the company.