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Project Description

Fish breeding, farming and sale enterprise. The total lakes area owned by J.S.C. “Piscicola-Gura Bîcului” is 365 hectares. The company breeds hatchlings and thoroughbred herbivorous carps, silver carps, grass carps etc.

There is also a project for breeding foundation stock of Chinese and European carp implemented together with the Scientific Fish Breeding Station. Moreover, the enterprise’s activity includes as well fish production for sale.

J.S.C. “Piscicola-Gura Bîcului” created sport fishing facilities, so the amateurs of such leisure can get here a real pleasure enjoying their hobby. The catch will rejoice even the most fastidious fishermen – in the J.S.C. “Piscicola-Gura Bîcului” lakes there are carps, zanders, silver carps, basses, grass carps, crucian carps, bream and other fish kinds.

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