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Project Description

-The “ATC-Agrotehcomerţ” company was founded in 1958.

-The company has its headquarters located at Hînceşti, Milescu-Spătarul, nr. 33

-Ever since it was founded, the company is a retailer of agricultural spare parts, occupying one of the leading positions on the national market

-The company expands its product range yearly, currently it encompasses combine grain harvesters, combine headers, tractors, as well as sowing, silage harvesting and soil tillage equipment.

An additional range of products includes stationary and mobile irrigation equipment.

-The company is the leader of the national grain harvester market.

-Since 2003 the company is the official national dealer of the Russian agro-technical company “Rostselmash”

-Apart from the sales activities, the company offers repair and maintenance services for agricultural machinery and equipment, including open-field repair services.

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