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Project Description

Since the beginning of their release and till this day, Volvo cars are a prime example of reliability, quality, safety and comfort. Volvo is one of the most known and revered automobile brand in the world. Since December 2005, you can purchase cars of the famous Swedish brand in the Volvo auto salon from our capital.

Volvo is a Swedish premium car brand, that has a special approach to its client base, by trying to deliver the best product possible on the automobile market.

The showroom corresponds exactly to the international Volvo style and meets all the requirements of the Swedish manufacturer. Materials for its construction and decoration were brought from Sweden. This exclusive auto center is considered to be the most expensive to this day in Chisinău.

The Volvo salon provides and original service for its costumers: after buying a car, the car is placed in a specially assigned place in the salon and a taut metal hoop is lowered on top of it – indicating that the car has been already bough and no one else can touch it except for the new owner of the car.

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