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Project Description

The Škoda auto center was established back in 1997, after the successful negotiations between Škoda Auto A.S and our company DAAC-Hermes S.A. We became the official importer of Škoda vehicles on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Although at the same time official representatives of other automotive concerns were already operating on the Republic’s market, the volume of sales for the first months has shown that Škoda cars were a long-awaited acquisition for our clients. They immediately appreciated the excellent technical characteristics and high reliability of these cars, thus already in 1997, the DAAC-Hermes S.A corporation, came in the top charts of national sales.

On May 12th, 2010 the multi-brand importer DAAC Auto opened a new Škoda auto center in the capital of the Republic. Designed and built to the standards of modern architecture and based on the manufacturer requirements, the auto center occupies a vast area of 3200 square meters, it facilitates a parking lot, a spacious interior, where you can put up to 10 cars at a time, a specialized car maintenance service equipped with the latest technologies available on the market, an electronic testing line, a car wash, a warehouse for spare parts and materials.

Thus, you have the opportunity to purchase a car at once, or plan your purchase with us. The Škoda salon offers such possibilities as buying a car through leasing, or purchasing the vehicle of your choice through our Trade-In system (by exchanging your old car for a new one), as well as providing the choice of a wide range of accessories for your automobile.

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