To Investors

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To the Attention of Potential Investors

“DAAC-Hermes” S.A. invites investors to cooperate in organization of joint activities and establishment of new directions of business.

The company has available:
– an extensive network of offices and production facilities
– high-class management
– the possibility to attract additional funds on favourable conditions.

Tel.: +373 22 74 33 14;
+373 22 75 59 32;
+373 798 79 689.

Main manufacturing facility of the joint-stock company “Pielart” S.A.

Combined precast concrete framed building.
Size in plane 175 х 217 m
Column grid:
– single-storey part 12 х 18 m
– three-storey part 6 х 6 m; 6 х 18 m

Height of the single-storey part:
– lengthwise 8.4 m (to bottom of frame constructions)
– crosswise 7.8 m (to bottom of sub-frame constructions)
– total area of premises 51,923.7 sq m
– railway and automobile ramp

– by automobile transport from 2 sides: from Calea Iesilor Street and from Mesagerului Street
– branch railway

Plottage ~ 4.7 hectares
Manufacturing facility plan (.pdf ~217kb), General plan (.jpg ~576kb)
Tel. +373 22 74-33-14; +373 22 75-59-32


Ladies and Gentlemen!

“DAAC Hermes Grup” S.A. is the majority shareholder of such enterprises as “Fertilitatea Vulcanesti” S.A. and “Angrocomert Vest Est” S.A. These enterprises are residents of the free economic zones registered and active in the Republic of Moldova.

The free economic zones are offered preferential treatments stimulating business activities in order for them to achieve the set goals. Investment on the territory of the free zone is legally protected by state.

The free economic zone “Valcanes”, with preferential tax and customs treatment for attracting foreign capital and advanced technologies, is located in the South of the Republic of Moldova, at the border of three states: Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine. Plottage – 143.6 hectares. The distance to the boarder with Romania is 35 km, with Ukraine – 2 km. The free zone is located near the railroad, which joins it with Reni sea port on Danube (Odessa region, Ukraine) 38 km., Galati 48 km., Odessa 260 km, and Chisinau – 180 km.

Besides, the project of cross-border cooperation between Moldova, Romania and Ukraine is being implemented in this region. It was initiated by the presidents of the three countries in 1996 and implemented by signing of the agreement to establish the European region “Lower Danube” in February 1997 in Galati. The zone includes Moldovan districts Cahul, Cantemir, and Vulcanesti, Romanian counties Galati, Tulcea and Braila, Ukrainian region of Odessa. An important factor is also the proximity of the Giurgiulesti oil loading terminal and cargo and passenger port, which gives Moldova an access to the sea and significantly reduces expenses for shipments to European countries.

“Angrocomert Vest Est” S.A. is a resident of the free economic zone “Ungheni Business”. Ungheni municipality is located approximately 107 km away from the capital of the country Chisinau, 85 km away from Balti municipality and only 35 km away from Iasi (Romania).

«Ungheni Business» was formed on the basis of 16 enterprises, among which “Angrocomert Vest Est” S.A., ceramics plant, the former Ungheni meat-processing plant, “Ungheni-vin” S.A., “Garant-Impex”. The free zone is located on 45.72 hectares of land with a rather developed infrastructure: manufacturing and storage facilities, as well as access to motor and railroads. The free zone «Ungheni Business» will work for 25 years.

Advantageous geographic location of the zone will allow it to become a sort of economic bridge between West and East, will contribute to the development of economic cooperation with Romania, and will target economic agents at manufacturing of export-oriented and import-substituting goods.

The Protocol on Making the Iasi-Chisinau Railroad to Comply with European Standards signed by the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Moldova and its Romanian counterpart in September 2001 is also a good perspective. The project is funded by the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe.

FIG DAAC invites foreign partners that intend to enlarge their own businesses to mutually profitable cooperation in order to use the potential of these companies, as well as initiate and develop export-oriented manufacturing, implement modern equipment and technologies, as well as other projects in various branches of industry and commerce.

Economic Advantages of Residents of the Free Economic Zone

  • Lower income tax – 7.5% (for 2008-2009 – income tax rate – 0%)
  • Zero VAT
  • Transit trade
  • Possibility of long-term rental of premises, for up to 25 years.
  • Possibility to rent land.
  • Possibility to assemble finite products on the basis of imported components.
  • Possibility to hire qualified staff.
  • Possibility to transfer income abroad.
  • Access to railroad corresponding to European standards.
  • Guarantees (article 13, point 2).

Article 13.  State Guarantees

(2) In case of new legislative acts that would worsen the conditions of activity of the residents in terms of customs, tax and other preferences stipulated in the present law the residents are entitled to apply the stipulations of the law in effect on the date of their registration in the free zone for another 10 years.

on free economic zones
No 440-XV of 27.07.2001

1. The complex of buildings with a total area of about 6500 square meters, located on the territory of the free economic zone «Ungheni Bussines». There is a storage space for food and non-food products, office spaces. There are roads and railways.
Possibility of production, taking advantage of the benefits provided by the status of a FEZ resident. Water supply, electricity, sewerage and natural gas.
2. Recreation centre – located in a picturesque corner of Vadul lui Voda, near the Dniester River.
3. Commercial areas in the shopping centre «Nufarul» (47/6 Dacia ave, Chisinau).
4. Cannery, located in the central part of Moldova. The factory is in full working order, with existing communications, personnel.
Specialization: canned fruit and vegetables, juices and nectars, pastas.
5. Manufacturing and storage facilities:

  • Bulboaca station, Anenii Noi district
  • building area of 7,600 sq. m
  • land area of 2.99 hectares (title)
  • all communications, artesian well.
  • Piecemeal sale is possible.

6. Warehouse and production facilities in the free economic zone «Ungheni Business»

    • – building area of 6,500 sq. m
    • – land area of 1.8 hectares (title)
    • – there is a railway, a weighing room
    • – all communications.

7. Warehouse and production facilities in the free economic zone «Valkanes»

    • – building area of 5,500 sq. m
    • – land area of 4.8 hectares (title)
    • – there is a railway, a weighing room,
    • – all communications,
    • – Piecemeal sale is possible.

8. Poultry farm with hatchery complex

    • – land area – 16 ha. (privatized).
    • – 17 chicken houses -16,083 sq. m
    • – incubation complex – 45,000 at the same time.
    • – slaughterhouse – 10,000 heads per shift.
    • – refrigerator – 240 tons.
    • – warehouses.
    • – mixing house.
    • – all communications.

9. Plant for the production of mineral water – (28 km from Chisinau)

    • – land area – 0.512 ha. (privatized).
    • – building area of 800 sq. m
    • – Equipment: semiautomatic (by STECA), capacity of up to 2,000 bottles per hour, in working condition,
    • – a certified source of mineral water well rate 297 m3 per 24 hours,
    • – all communications,
    • – available for sale, along with well-known brand for its products

Contact phone numbers: 74 33 14; 75 59 32, cell: 0 798 79 689.