Since the beginning of their release and till this day, Volvo cars are a prime example of reliability, quality, safety and comfort. Volvo is one of the most known and revered automobile brand in the world. Since December 2005, you can purchase cars of the famous Swedish brand in the Volvo auto salon from our capital.



The Ford showroom is the first authorized car dealership for Ford cars in Moldova, and it’s one of the companies included in the DAAC Hermes group. The design and technical equipment of the auto-salon as well as the costumer principles of service fully comply with the corporate standards of Ford.



In May 2005, DAAC Hermes becomes the official importer of Mazda in Moldova. We feel proud to offer cars that exceed customer expectations and are distinguished by the use of advanced technologies and new approaches, style and comfort, technical characteristics and safety.



On August 20th, 1968 the UAP plant (“Uzina autorturismului Pitești”) was opened with the help of the French automotive giant Renault. The plant released light-weight “Dacia” vehicles under the Renault license. Since 1998, it’s a part of the Renault concern, as a subsidiary.