Breaking news: Сhișinău has been renamed into Qhișinău!

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Breaking news: Сhișinău has been renamed into Qhișinău!

Road signs have already been replaced, the drivers that arrived today in the capital via the Tohatin-Chișinău highway had an unexpected surprise, that surpassed all the surprises previously made by the mayor’s office. The road signs at the entrance of the city were changed from “CHIȘINĂU” to “QHIȘINĂU”.  Thus announcing the renaming of the capital of the Republic of Moldova on the 1st of April 2017. It seems that the “culprit” of this change, isn’t the mayor of the capital or some official from the Qhişinău City Hall, but a brand new automobile model.

We’re speaking about the brand new Czech SUV – the SKODA KODIAQ. Famously known in history for the merciless renaming of settlements and regions. A few months ago the Czech SUV performed a similar act to a small town in Alaska, renaming it from “KODIAK” to “KODIAQ”.

Obviously the new SUV, whose name derives from that of a bear, is obsessed with marking its territorial presence with the letter “Q”, and Chișinău happens to be its first European victim on the 1st of April.

The Czech SUV with its bearish name is predisposed to making pranks, as it made it clear that till the end of the day on the 1st of April, it might change the name of the street that he liked the most, where he found new cozy lair, and soon enough Calea Orheiului St. could become Qalea Orheiului St.

The SUV with a bearish name didn’t answer our calls, regarding him commenting the situation, however he called us later and said that no road sign was injured during the reportage, and that those who understand jokes and have serious intentions were invited on the 1st and 2nd of April at the bear’s den on Calea Oreiului 111/ 6 St. in order to see the big SKODA KODIAQ bear first, after having previewed our photo-report from the morning incident!

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