A new month, a new record for ŠKODA: Exceptional results in Moldova and around the world!

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A new month, a new record for ŠKODA: Exceptional results in Moldova and around the world!

ŠKODA announced the best results for the amount cars sold in the history of their company, as of March 2017 – 108 000 cars were bought worldwide. As a month passed in the calendar the Czechs achieved remarkable results again, having completed the best April in their history!

In fact, it wasn’t easy to achieve such results in April, a month filled to the brim with festive activities in most European countries.

However, ŠKODA managed to improve the April record from last year. In the 4th month of 2016, ŠKODA sold about 97 200 vehicles worldwide, and in April 2017, this result was surpassed by another one hundred units – 97 300.

As usual, over the past few months, ŠKODA’S exceptional results have been supported mainly by the growth in Central and Eastern Europe, including Moldova. While the sales of ŠKODA worldwide increased by 11.4%, in the Republic of Moldova the well-known Czech brand sold 27.5% more in April 2017 compared to the same month last year!

If we were to speak about the aggregate results of the first four months of the year, ŠKODA has delivered 183 cars in Moldova, which is 18.1% more than in 2016 and 50% more than in the same period of 2015!

ŠKODA is the leader of the C and D segment of automobile market in Moldova.

ŠKODA is the leading brand in the C and D automobile segment, or in other words the ŠKODA models in these segments are the best-selling ones among competitors. Particularly the ŠKODA SUPERB dominates the sales in segment D – 58 units sold during the first four months of 2017, in comparison the car model that follows the sales in the 2nd position was bought only 13 times in the same period. ŠKODA Octavia and ŠKODA Rapid dominate the C segment, selling 45 and 44 units respectively in the same period of time as the Superb.

Kodiaq and Karoq seem to be weapons of mass conquest in the foreseeable future.

ŠKODA Kodiaq is one of the most well know SUV’s to the public not only in Moldova. The Czech SUV sold almost 5000 units worldwide in April only. Soon enough the replacement for the ŠKODA Yeti- the Karoq SUV – will be revealed, thus fully updating the ŠKODA SUV range.

To this day the development of the SUV-segment is one of the most important strategies for conquering global markets. From now on, the future of ŠKODA looks even brighter. With Kodiaq being launched in China- a country with the largest consumer market in the world, the brand will certainly provide new records in the coming months.

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