How did we avoid an ecological disaster in Strășeni?

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How did we avoid an ecological disaster in Strășeni?

For the past two years, we could say without exaggerating, that there has been a real ecological disaster in Strășeni – the sewage of the city with a population over 20 thousand inhabitants merged into the environment, specifically into the Bîc river and the Ghidighici water reservoir.

In the hot summer days, many residents of Strășeni and people resting near the lake felt a strong foul stench, that spread a few kilometers around. The journalists wrote an article about this phenome earlier.

The drainage of sewage water, completely devoid of any kind of treatment into the river, caused serious damage to the environment, particularly affecting the Bîc river and the Ghidichi reservoir.

Concerned about the development of this situation, the President of the “DAAC Hermes” Company, had a meeting with the mayor of the city. The reasons why Vasili Chirtoca took the initiative in his own hands was not only connected to the fact that he graduated from a school in Strășeni, but also to the fact that the “DAAC Hermes” Company takes an active position in combating issues related to air and water purity, leading by example and implementing several environmental projects throughout the whole country, one of which can even be viewed online on

As result of this meeting, a joint work plan was developed between the City Hall of Strășeni and the DAAC Hermes Company, with the objective to restore the system for pumping sewage into the Chișinău Municipal Wastewater Treatment plant.

Particulary the “DAAC Hermes” company, undertook to purchase and install a pump for pumping large fractions of wastewater at the Strășeni Sewage Pump Station. The total cost of the pump and the work for its installation amounted for more than 200 000 lei. This was told to a team of journalists from by Павел Носулецкий (Pavel Noosuletskiy) the general director of Pielart Service, an engineering company part of holding.

“The Strășeni Sewage Pump Station is restored to its former strenght. As we promised we provided and installed the pump, everything was done on the eve of the Easter holidays. We installed the pump in the appropriate working position and handed its use to the local authorites, since then the pump has ben running for a month, and apparently it fully justified the expectations of the Water-Canal state enterprise.We hope that this wil significantly reduce the risk of further contamination of the Ghidichici reservoir and be a first step towards environmental protection in the region” – Павел Носулецкий (Pavel Noosuletskiy).

The journalists from attended to the ceremony that inaugurated the official operational use of the sewage pump. The Mayor of the city of Strășeni, Valentina Casian, highly appreciated such a generous gift. Besides expressing her gratitude, she told the journalists of how valuable this contribution is for avoiding the imminent ecological disaster. She also said that in the near future, there are plans to develop an individual sewage treatment plant for the city, in order to prevent environmental pollution and improve the quality of life for the cititzens even more.

“Today the act of receiving the new pumping equipment was signed, and the local sewage problem is solved. Unfortunately, sewage treatment is one of the biggest problems not only in Strășeni, but throughout the whole central region of Moldova. This problem can’t be solved only by local authorities, because they lack the needed financial resources. In this context, this financial support is welcomed as an important contribution for solving one of the biggest environmental problems in our city. As of now the pump is installed and running, soon enough the construction of a whole new wastewater treatment sewage plant for the whole city is planned, I sincerely hope that in the near future these problems will be solved.” – Valentina Casian.

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